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There as been something of a buzz around the web lately about Mind Movies These are an excellent tool to use in helping improve your life and to this end I’ve created a free “Mind Movie” to inspire you to begin seriously looking and feeling your way forward into an experience of greater happiness, fulfilment, joy and abundance. I’ve created this slide presentation for you to use as both an inspiration and as a template for creating your own movie.

You can freely use it in MS PowerPoint, Apple Keynote or OpenOffice Impress and it includes all the images and soundtrack from the displayed slideshow, copyright free, for non commercial use. Cool eh?

All you have to do is download and open the file in PowerPoint, save it with a new name (so that you still have the original file to refer back to) and start typing in your own text and adding your own images or music in any way that inspires you. Its a lot of fun and a powerful, inspiring way of deepening your personal understanding of exactly what motivates, excites and inspires you.

Making your own movie is particularly beneficial because you end up watching and reviewing it time and time again as you create it which has a powerful positive effect. Plus, since you are doing this for your personal use you can grab any images or music you like without breaching anybody’s copyrights.

If this still feels to technically advanced for you (It most likely really isn’t, these programs are getting ever more intuitive) or you do not have access to PowerPoint or Keynote then you can just download the free PowerPoint Viewer to view the PowerPoint file I’ve created and watch it in high quality on your computer as inspiration whilst you visualise and work on your improving life in a journal, vision board or any other form that suits you.

Or you could purchase a Mind Movies Creation Kit and make your own that way but I’ve no idea what they are like.

But you can make a perfectly good movie for zero expense. Just download the excellent Open Office and open the free PowerPoint file I’ve created and make a start from there. No excuses…

Important Things To Consider

  • This exercise is all about improving your, vibration, mood, sense of positive expectation, inspiration, motivation and creativity.
    • Be highly aware of the feelings evoked as you write your dreams and desires.
    • Notice how your ideas grow change and refine themselves as you work with them. This is the Law Of Attraction drawing better feeling, more inspired ideas to you.
    • Keep your desires in the present tense, you want to feel better and more abundant right now.
    • Avoid referring to any negative experience in the past with statements such as “The financial problems of my past are a distant dream.” or “I’m completely over so and so” because this will tend to dip your energy back to the pain of the past to some degree rather than expand your sense of hopeful expectation in the moment.
    • Keep your desires believable and gradually grow them from your current level of believability. A statement like “I’m a millionaire by Christmas” is unlikely to be genuinely uplifting unless you can truly consider that a possible reality. A starting statement such as “My financial situation is steadily improving.” is more helpful because, well, it really is highly likely that anyone’s finances can steadily improve! So work progressively up from where you are now.
    • Write about what you want rather than how you want something to manifest. In other words no “I win the lottery next week” type of things. Let the how’s unfold naturally.
    • Commit to working with this daily. As you keep watching your inspiring vision you will become ever more accustomed to being that hopeful and confident until it is a quite normal state of being and you’ll begin to see some results. At this point you can start expanding your visions to the next higher level and so on.
    • As soon as you notice any tendency to procrastinate or give up watching and refining your movie note that urge but consciously choose to carry on anyway. This is what will bring success, your determination and inspiration to keep moving forward.
    • Your mind movie is merely a tool for change to assist you in feeling and living better but you have to stick with it and keep doing your personal work as well. That can be fun, though.

Befriend Your Saboteur

  • Your lower ego based physical self has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and resisting change, positive or otherwise. So positive willpower will be required for you to achieve positive results in the presence of this resistance and may be an area of challenge.
    • There is every possibility that you will experience an initial rush of enthusiasm for this exercise but gradually begin to slip back into your old familiar comfortable habits of thought and behaviour over time.
    • Be very conscious of this tendency but choose to use it positively as a sign of progress.
    • How? Well, these blips of resistance, procrastination or avoidance mean that you are pushing at the edges of your so called comfort zone but that is actually right where you need to be. On the leading edge of your expanding sense of self and life.
    • So rather than attempting to wilfully push against or resist any resistance you feel build up simply take it as a sign of progress and welcome it along for the journey. Resisting resistance just creates more resistance, instead you need to see beyond the resistance. So rather than struggling, try instead saying inwardly “Thank you lower self for your concern for my comfort and well being but please trust that I know what I am doing and that I have the situation gloriously under control. Do come along for the ride though because I value your input.” It may sound weird but such an approach is remarkably helpful in my experience.
    • Practice viewing every experience in your life as a gift and a guide towards greater clarity about what you do want rather than what you do not want. Whatever you’ve got, you’ve got, accept that and move on.
    • Remember the Universe only says yes thinking about what you do not want will just evoke negativity and further thoughts, feelings and experiences of stuff you do not want.

Download as a .pptx file (MS Office 2007 and later): here

Download as a .ppt file (MS Office pre 2007): here

Feel free to contact me if you have any download issues etc. and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Finally ~ Have fun with this, enjoy the journey, you’re creating a fantastic new life right now.

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