The Abundance of Time

  • “I would, but I haven’t got enough time”
  • “If only I had enough time”
  • “There’s never enough time”

How many time have you said or heard others say statements similar to those? Lots I suspect, and with rarely a thought to what you are actually saying. Statements such as these place you in feelings of victimhood and powerlessness as if you have no control or influence on the course of your life, or your “quantity” of time. Time is limitless, there’s all the time that was and all the time to come and all the time that just is, there’s no shortage of time itself. We just run our lives in ways in which we feel short of time. We tend to allocate more time to things we may dislike rather than to what thrills and inspires us. It starts young, my kids love to play and this normally results in a good deal of mess. When they have messed up one room to such an extent that its not so fun to play in anymore, they move to another room. In an ideal world for them one or both of their lovely parents will come and tidy up. We lovely parents don’t overly care for tidying up after our kids and would rather pass our time in other more fun filled ways. As parents I/we want our children to learn to be responsible for their actions and therefore learn to tidy up after themselves. So we become the thwarters of play with conditions such as “No dessert until you’ve tidied your room” or similar “carrot and stick” manipulations to get them to help keep our home tidy and comfortable. I remember what a bummer this was when I was a kid, I often felt twarted. Life began with lots of play but as I got older the more I had to tidy, do homework, clean dishes, cut hedges, pass exams, get a job, get a better job etc. Before long it seemed I had ever less time for real pleasure, the mundane details of life had become increasingly more important than creative fulfilment.

The thing is, we do get to choose how we approach any task we do. We do not have to carry those old feelings of someone taking our fun away into the mundane tasks we do, that’s just a habit. We can also choose how we manage our time, where and how we focus our attention. Very wealthy people who run huge corporations and businesses have exactly the same amount of time as any of us they simply focus there attentions differently. But I suspect many of them probably feel they do not have enough time either as they ruthlessly manage their every minute to get ever more done in ever less time. Why?

Why play that game? Slow down, you’ve all the time in the world, enjoy the moment, this moment and then the next. Be present to your genuine wants and needs and say no to all the trivia that saps quality time away from your experience of life. Make highly conscious choices, how do you really want to spend your lunch break? What do you really want to do this evening. Watch a numbing reality TV show or learn something new? Your life experience is the result of your choices in how you respond to the events that enter your life. Some of these are/were unconscious choices and reactions but that can and does change. You have all the time in the world. How would you live and feel if you really felt that to be true?

Why not give it try? You’ve got all the time in the world, what do you really want to do now?

As if by magic my daily Abraham quote as just arrived with some timely advice.

Abraham Hicks -daily quote

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