The Abundance Book - John Randolph Price

The Abundance Book

John Randolph Price


This book looks very much at the spiritual aspects of financial wealth and our beliefs around that. It invites us to really learn and accept that “God” is the source of all things. Now “God” is a very emotive term that can trigger all kind of negative images but don’t let that deter you. This is a very powerful, transformative book and if you stick with it you may just find some very positive changes occurring in your life.

If God is too challenging a word then you may feel more comfortable with the term the Universe or even The Force (Star Wars) either way the task is to realise deeply and personally that there is an all pervading energy working in through and around us that truly sustains us above and beyond the confines of our jobs and limited self identities. Becoming ever more conscious to the presence of that Force within us on a moment to moment basis opens us to ever greater abundance on every level for then we are connected to the very abundance of all existence.

This book is small, easy to read, yet full of wisdom. It includes “The 40-day Prosperity Plan” a powerful way to shift your limiting beliefs.

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