Picture your life free, hopeful, joyous and abundant

A life where you simply know everything is always for the best

Imagine being inspired to give your all in every moment for the sheer joy of living

Visualise businesses and world leaders working harmoniously for the good of all

This can become reality as we each choose to live such a life for ourselves

Now is the time to embrace change

Chris JacksonThis site is a vehicle through which I share my vision of a world in which ever more of us are actively living joyous, magical, full, loving and abundant lives.

It is about learning to enjoy and make manifest the abundance of the Universe in tangible, practical ways that benefit you and all humanity.

Here you'll find a variety of information and resources dedicated to your deeper personal understanding of how you actually create the circumstances of your life. Relax, enjoy and remember to be YOU.

As a successful businessman and highly trained therapist I speak from practical experience.

Chris Jackson


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Latest Journal Entry:

Spiritual Solutions To Material Problems

Sometimes it can seem that our lives are one stream of problems, things just never seem to work out quite as we’d like. Cars break down, people let us down, flights are cancelled, payments are delayed, harvests fail, jobs are lost etc.. Any number of eventualities seem to hinder our way and blight our days. “Oh! Why does it have to be so difficult, why me?” Is there any solution?

In Practical Articles:

Thinking Big And Abundant Thoughts

Success coaches tell us to “Think Big!”, set big goals, if you want millions, think in millions, there’s no need to settle for less. This is the advice from people who have successfully acquired lots of money by thinking big, it has worked for them. High profile teachers such as T Harv Eker, John Assaraf and Robert Allen, to name but three, all dreamt of being millionaires from an early age yet also experienced all manner of ups and downs on the way to eventual success. They had fairly big dreams from the outset and succeeded in spite of every setback but what of us with more modest dreams? Is it more crucial that we think big or that we think true to ourselves? Can or should you force yourself to think big when what really interests you is the smaller stuff?

In Inspirational Articles:

The Abundance Of Relationships

On contemplating issues of abundance many will immediately think of money and how much easier their lives might be if they had more of it. Whilst there may be truth in that this article’s focus is on something more important. Relationships, our abundant relationships. We are constantly relating to every thing and every one around us but mostly unconsciously. By applying a little more conscious awareness to these interactions we can improve our lives immeasurably.

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